recording studio
A.Side studio opened in 2001 after an extensive two year conversion of an old stable block into a digital self-contained studio complex. Extensive treatment to the walls, floor and roof ensure soundproofing. Both the control and live room are designed to offer both natural and controllable lighting. It has been installed to maximise comfort and create an atmosphere which inspires the best from an artist. Overheads are kept to an absolute minimum which creates more time for our clients, combined with technology to make recording quick and simple.
Whether it is a demo song, album, backing track, jingle or voice over A.Side can carry out your project to a high quality, mixed and mastered on a CD, Mini Disk or tape.
digital recording studio

A.Side offers a fully digital recording facility based on a hard disk audio and midi set up, with some of the latest technology on offer today.

A 72 channel digital console with full automation and install recall on every channel. Many samplers, sound modules, FX and keyboards, including a Korg Triton Pro X, Fender Rhodes Stage 88 and a Hammond organ.

Lots of plug-ins and sample CD’s, a wide range of microphones from vocal mics, drum/percussion, guitar and bass.

Playback is monitored on Yamaha NS10 and Tannoy system 1000, to keep your music sounding "cutting edge" and the quality expected from today’s music industry.
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